Thursday, October 27, 2016


Hey guys! Just got back from Cali so I'm nice and tan and maybe still a little jet lagged...
We took a trip with our best friends (also the other two members of our band, Cool Shades) Justin and Rachel, to see Bon Iver at the Hollywood Bowl. We spent 4 days in L.A. living, loving, and losing the rental car.

My camera died half way through the trip and I forgot to bring a charger and/or another battery. #fail BUT such is life...

I love California. There really is such a vibe about that place. I think I'm more inspired artistically when I'm there, which makes sense I guess. are some shots from our trip!


Life is so much better with friends and saltwater. I'm always so thankful for these adventures! 
Until next time!

P.S. you can see more snaps on Instagram under our hashtag #shadecation2016

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