Saturday, August 10, 2013

Aquariums and Best Friends!

I recently met my very best friend and her family at the Tennessee aquarium in Chattanooga! She lives in Kansas and was visiting family so it was so awesome to get to take some time to see her! Plus it's the first friend I've seen since I've moved! How appropriate that it was Kelsey!

Anyway, I can take some pictures in an aquarium y'all... These are just a few.

 I absolutely adored this Moon Jelly exhibit! They had mirrors on both sides so it looked like they just went on forever! Such a cool idea. I wish I could have this in my house!

It was really nice to see some familiar faces! So glad I got to tag along! 

School starts this week! GRAD SCHOOL!! Wow. I'm feeling old. 

Hope you all enjoy your week!

-Listening to John Vanderslice: Kookaburra-

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