Thursday, July 11, 2013


There's some good new music I've been listening to lately! I love to share some good music! I think some of these might come as a surprise because I know they did for me!

1. Fleetwood Mac [That's right!]: Extended Play EP
They're back! That's great news for me! I love Fleetwood Mac. I mean Rumors will always be a front runner for me.

2. Daft Punk: Random Access Memories
If you listen to the radio you've probably already heard their single. The whole album is really good and in my opinion a lot more musical than there older stuff which I think is a plus!

3. Black Sabbath: 13
Another oldie but a goodie! I LOVE Sabbath. Sue me. Ozzy is the man and this sounds just as good (better...?) than their old stuff. I love when a band picks right back up where they left off. Apparently that's really difficult to do (e.g. Rush, Journey, the list goes on...) so good job boys!

4. Gregory Alan Isakov: The Weatherman (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
This is almost the best thing that's happened to me all month! I just love this man so much. I think he is the Terrence Malick of the music world. Let me explain...he creates a feeling (for me at least) that just takes you somewhere. So serene and lovely. So thanks Greg! You rock! (I'm sure he's reading my blog...)

Ok lastly I wanted to add a band that is New to me. Their latest album came out in February but I just started listening to it and I'm really digging it! So....

5. Cayucas: Bigfoot

Give this one a listen if you haven't already. It's fun! 

So there's some good new music to check out! Hope you will enjoy it as much as I am! 

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