Sunday, May 19, 2013

Time Flies

Did you know that this time last year I was in Belize???

It's hitting me pretty hard. It feels like yesterday! I cannot describe to you how much I enjoyed roughing it in paradise! We had no AC, no running water and the water we did have was collected from the rain. We had electricity for about an hour each day that was stored up through solar panels (I didn't even use it). We ate all local food that was prepared by local women (I would kill for their plantains right now!!!) and we lived on an island in cabins and snorkeled all day every day. It was absolutely magnificent.

I hope I get to go back some day...

Oh...and we had beer. HA!

Thanks for reminiscing with me! Hope you had the best weekend ever!!

-Listening to Joe Purdy: I love the Rain the Most- 

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