Thursday, February 21, 2013

Birthday Adventures!

For my birthday with the family I got to choose whatever I wanted for dinner so naturally I chose sushi!
I LOVE SUSHI!!! Instead of going out (pricey $$$) we went to this lovely market and picked up the necessary materials to make an amazing sushi birthday meal! 

Super H had so much exotic stuff and I know I looked like a tourist in there with my camera but it was just so cool!!! My Dad lives in Richardson, TX (Dallas metro) so it's nice to have access to things like that while we're there. I love Lawton so much but there is only one place to get sushi in this whole dang town...

I think we nailed it! We also did tempura shrimp, mushrooms, sweet potato, and oh man oh man was it delicious! I love my family and I especially loved cooking with my Dad and my sister. My family is all scattered so when I get to see them it is very precious.

Life is a gift and I'm very much enjoying it!

-Listening to One Republic: Feel Again-

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