Saturday, November 3, 2012


I recently took a jaunt down to the beautiful city of New Orleans. It was a blast and totally relaxing. The perfect fall break trip.

I was curious to see how the city was recovering and it turns out that they're doing magnificent! (in the city at least). I didn't realize that the French Quarter didn't even get any of the flood! It's above sea level. There doing a lot of renovation because the super bowl will be there this year which just happens to be the Sunday before Fat Tuesday so....that place is going to be bonkers! We also visited the Aquarium, Insectarium, and a beautiful plantation called the Houmas House but I think I'm going to save those photos for another day.

These graves belong to some voo doo queen and her daughter (I forget their names). But supposedly if you draw three x's on her grave and make a wish and then that wish comes true you're supposed to bring her a gift. The reason they're on both graves is because a lot of people think that when she "died" it was actually her daughter and that she lived through her daughter and is actually buried in her daughters tomb. Crazy stuff. 

I really enjoyed the cemeteries. Some of the tombs are pristine and some have....a little more character! Nick Cage has a pyramid in this cemetery that he'll be buried in too. What a loon. 

(I know I know, two sunset pics? But the sunsets were beautiful! I actually had

Like I said, that's really only a fraction of the trip! I have more to share someday.
I took the GRE yesterday and now I'm going to try to relax some.... No test should be 4 1/2 hours. That's just plain dumb. (end rant) Y'all have a wonderful weekend!

-Listening to Led Zeppelin: Stairway to Heaven- 

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