Sunday, October 7, 2012

What's New..

This has been a good season for music (particularly folk!). I don't know if you've noticed but there have been a ton of new albums come out recently. Here are some of my favorites!

1. Mumford and Sons: Babel

I really like this album. It's exactly what you expect but I don't think that's always a bad thing.
Favorite song: I Will Wait

2. Bob Dylan: Tempest

First of all, this guy is still putting out solid music. That's ridiculous. This album is very cruise shippy (coined that term mahself). It's still pretty bluesy in places too!
Favorite song: Roll on John

3. The Avett Brothers: The Carpenter

If I'm being honest, I wasn't that into this album on the first listen. A friend insisted I needed to give it another chance and I'm glad he did because this album is actually pretty bitchin. I still contest that it isn't as good as I and Love and You (their last album).
Favorite song: Winter in my Heart

4. David Byrne and St. Vincent: Love This Giant

Getting off the folk train for sure. This is a super funky album and is SUPER fun. You've got the brains behind St. Vincent and the Talking Heads here people!!! It's just a recipe for musical genius.
Favorite song: Weekend in the Dust

5. The Killers: Battle Born

Surprise Surprise, this is the most 80's thing I've ever heard....that isn't from the 80's. The Killers are always very 80's but this is WAY 80's. I'm into it. Brandon Flowers just has an amazing voice! (understatement)
Favorite song: Battle Born

6. Cat Power: Sun

Keaton and I have always felt that Chan Marshall's got an amazing voice but hasn't really lived up to the hype (I think the song the Greatest is the exception). However, I think she nailed this album BIG time. It's really catchy.
Favorite song: I couldn't pick one so it's between "Peace and Love" & "Cherokee" (I like the hawk noise in Cherokee lol)

7. Band of Horses: Mirage Rock

It's sort of interesting how much they sound like the Eagles on this album, especially on the song "Slow Cruel Hands of Time". They always have the dreamiest sound and the harmonies are always lovely (like the Eagles.....?!). Although if I had to sum this album up in one sentence it would be a question- "Dumpster World?". That's my official review. Listen to that song and you will understand.
Favorite song: Everything's Gonna be Undone

So there's some good music that should keep me busy this Fall/Winter. Hope you'll check some of it (or all of it) out. These artists have not disappointed.

Hope you have a wonderful week with some new music! :)

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