Friday, September 7, 2012

Banner DIY

I'd really been wanting to make a banner for my bedroom. I have a burlap one downstairs (recycled from my wedding) that I love and thought it would be fun to make another one.

This one is super easy because I only really used the fabric, fabric glue, and some hemp string. 

Simple enough and NO SEWING. (I would like to sew but, alas, I have no sewing machine...and let's be honest, I'm not patient enough to do it by hand)

I got all my fabric from the scrap bins at our craft stores. Pretty simple and inexpensive.

I traced my circles using a rando plate (I did semicircles because I am off triangles for now (although they are super cute)).

WARNING: This is EXTREMELY boring for puppies. (apparently)

After cutting all the fabric I just glued the inside of my circles and strung them on the string. Easy enough! I did go ahead and iron the fabric because some of the pieces had weird creases in them.

I left the string on the sides long in case I wanted to use them somewhere else in the future.

Archie is still not impressed....

-Listening to Bright Eyes: Lover I Don't Have to Love-

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