Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Maine oh Maine

We recently visited my mom in Maine. It is just gorgeous in the Summer. If you EVER have the chance to go I would highly recommend it. The Winter is another story entirely!

I think my favorite thing about Maine in the Summer is how green everything is. Once June rolls around in Oklahoma everything just gets brown. It's depressing.

But now I'm rambling so.....

This is really just the only picture capable of breaking the ice for the rest....Barn Cat is presh.


I LOVE how oceans can be so different. Being near the ocean in Maine is a completely different feeling than any of the gulf/ caribbean waters I've seen. I think it's equally good but different. I absolutely adore the smell (is that weird?...don't care). 

Osprey (Pandion haliaetus).They make their nests on these huge power lines that cross the highways. It is insanely large but the pair will come back to the same nest every year so they will just keep adding onto the nest to insure that it's strong enough. Their clutch size is usually only about 3. 3 eggs in that big ol nest. Think on that....  

You should never leave Maine without trying a Maine Lobster (which is actually an American Lobster (Homarus americanus)). 

I'm ashamed to say I didn't notice the mustache until going back through my photos when I got home. 

It's one of the best places to be in the Summer. 

School is about to start for us! I hope y'all are squeezing in some end of the Summer adventures! I know I am! 

-Listening to Andrew Bird: Dark Matter- 

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