Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Field Work


I LOVE my job.

I've been working full time for The Nature Conservancy for almost a year! I wanted to share some photos from random field days here and there. I'm still a little nervous to take my camera in the field with me, just because you never really know what to expect! It could be a really easy, chill day on the river, or you could flip your boat trying to save an elementary school kid from losing their lunch... you just never know! So most of these photos were taken on my phone (in a Lifeproof case, which is a total necessity these days).

This photo was actually sent to me by a local teacher. I'm showing off a federally endangered Etowah Darter.


If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen a few of these before. But I wanted to share some of the awesome ways I've been getting to spend my work days!

As always, thanks for taking an interest in my weird life!
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

26 or Bust

Well, I've done it.

I've survived 26 trips around our sun.

I feel pretty good about 26. It's a good adult age, you know? Like your later 20's...on the backside of the two-o's.

So to celebrate being a real adult I packed up some good friends and headed to Panama City any good adult would.



Best crew in the world! My friends are the greatest. we spent a good 7-8 hours in the car on my birthday making it just in time to watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. It was the perfect day and the perfect weekend and I'm so thankful for the memories made!

Until next time!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Going Home

We traveled home for Christmas like we do every year. It's about a 13 hour drive to Dallas (where my family is) and then another 3 hours to Oklahoma. It's a haul but it's worth it for so many reasons!

One of the highlights is getting to drive out to the Wildlife Refuge.

I love going to the Wildlife Refuge when we're home, even in the winter. People think of the prairie as being sort of barren but even in the winter it's so alive. The neon green lichens stand out even more than they do in the summer or spring. And I always forget how much easier it is to spot birds on the prairie. In Georgia we have tall thick forests (which I love) that make it difficult to find the source of a bird call.

I just love it. I'll always love it. Those little mountains are why I fell in love with nature and they'll always be home.

Monday, November 28, 2016

From The Hip

We had some photos done with From The Hip Photography and I am just so pleased with how they turned out! Keaton and I are super awkward (especially Keaton, let's be honest) so I was so nervous about being in front of the camera but Greta did such an amazing job!

I've been stalking Greta's photography for a while so I was so excited to actually book some time with her!

Keaton and I haven't had family photos done since our wedding...five (and a half) years ago. So it was time. And it was worth the wait! Here are a few of my favorites :)

If you're in the Atlanta area and looking for a photographer I can't stress how badly you need to check out From the Hip!! She's totally rad and will make you look better than you thought you could lol

Check her out here!

Thanks for taking the time to look at our mugs!
Hope you all have a killer week!